Design smarter AI conversations with shared observability for the entire team.

Get Engineering, Product, Prompt Engineers, Support Teams and User Experience Design all on the same page when designing conversational experiences.

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Conversation insights.
What are people talking about? Simply Analyze gives you answers, day by day, topic by topic, question by question. We analyze conversations, and turn those into easy-to-understand analytic dashboards.
Privacy first.
We designed Simply Analyze to be privacy-first. We don't collect identifiable user information, and you can turn off visibility of actual conversations if you prefer.
Dead-simple integration.
Integration with your LLM chatbot can be done in a few lines of code. It’s one simple POST to a REST API. You can integrate from your backend, or from the frontend in Javascript.

Day by day

Evolving conversations

Don't slug through logs, give your entire team visibility on conversations in real time.

What are users doing in our chatbot?
Check out what people are talking about, with useful guidance on which conversations to pay attention to.
Don't build in the dark
See what people are actually doing, and build a better experience.
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What are people talking about?

AI-analyzed conversations

We automatically classify and analyze conversations.

What topics are top of mind with our customers?
What are the types of questions that people are trying to answer in these conversations?
What topics are related?
Browse around topics that are related in people's conversations.
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How are answers constructed with RAG?

Turn-by-turn RAG chunks.

Turn-by-turn visibility on the excerpts (or chunks) used in RAG systems to construct an answer.

Understand the documents and specific excerpts or chunks used to construct LLM replies.
Are we pulling up the right documents to answer this question?
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Is our RAG logic pulling in the right documents?

Visibility in the Documents pulled in by the RAG.

Deep visibility into which Documents the RAG is pulling up.

Is the system using the right Documents to answer users' questions?
Are we pulling in more PDFs? More Videos? More Audio?
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Get visibility.

Get real insight into what's happening in your LLM.